Joie de Vivre Fine Foods

Sample Recipes and neat ways to use our Products

Joie de Vivre Honey Mint Grilled Chicken Salad:


- Green Leaf Lettuce

- Spring Greens

- Grilled Chicken Breast (Blackened with Joie de Vivre Cajun Sand and Sliced)

- Hard Boiled Eggs  (Quartered)

- Toasted Almonds

- Shredded Cheese

- Cherry Tomatoes

- Avocado Slices

- Red Bell Peppers  (Diced)

- Joie de Vivre Honey Mint Dressing

Arrange as a salad bar and have at it!

 Other Uses For Our Products:

Pair our Honey Mint Dressing with grilled chicken for a scrumptious entree. Also wonderful with grilled pork or lamb!

Kick up the flavor of any peppery steak salad with our Zesty Balsamic Dressing!

Our Cajun Sand lends itself perfectly to any meat, be it surf, turf, or poultry!

 Enjoy our Honey Mint Dressing:

As a flavored mayo in sandwiches and wraps

As a condiment for grilled chicken, pork, turkey, seafood, and lamb

As a dipping sauce for chicken tenders or fried shrimp

As a salad dressing for Chef's or Cobb salads with grilled chicken, salmon, or steak

As an alternative to tartar sauce for seafood

Perfect with Avocados

Enjoy Our Zesty Balsamic Dressing:

As a flavored mayo for sandwiches and wraps.

As a condiment for peppery grilled steak or chicken

As a salad dressing for any savory salad

Try it on fresh, roasted beets and creamy, salty goat cheese

Great with avocados, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese

Sprinkle a little Cajun Sand:

On any meat you plan to grill or sear

In a cold tuna salad with mayo and Balsamic Vinegar

On any pan-seared fish for a Cajun flair

On chicken just before it hits the grill

On pork roast just before it goes into the oven

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